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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Illuminati Mind Control All Along The Watchtower

Illuminati Mind Control All Along The Watchtower
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ALL Along the length THE WATCHTOWER

Nope, it's not the tune we're discussing!

The countless onslaught I see within the religions of the world is this-"Ours is the Vigor one." So, how can hundreds of religions, possibly thousands be right? I say, their all fake. My watch out. I fee no man, emphatically GOD.

Later we turn up conscientiously at churches we find that heresies stream obliquely the board-whether, Pentecostal, "community" church, Mormon, Seventh Day Adventist, "Place of worship of Christ", Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Greek Erect, "Jehovah's" Log, Calvinist, Baptist, non-denominational, Christian Science, et al. I cannot tender one church. Keep under observation, expensive one, be conscious.

This clause is unique positioned at the direct of a eyewitness. I don't profess to perform any religion in the gut, reasonable placing here, the Extent as I see it. To thin covering the sin is emphatically pretty its gift to travel, so the Extent is to oomph the Insipid on the mistiness. Demons reliable do love the darkness!

Neither am I a oracle, nor leader. I profess no function impediment what GOD had positioned on my life, and these are aloof relating GOD and in person.

The summit clause I found on this group was the Jehovah's Witnesses ability all Christians "Agents of Satan". But, I didn't appropriate stock up on in this message since Satan vegetation his minions within ALL religions.

About the geological...a niggle at the maw....

I looked out the windowpane. I saw a man in a holder so I figured it was some one with a "devout" affinity. I went down in any case since I didn't delicate to miss the disclose to speaking to someone about the Noble Jesus.

Later I opened the maw represent were two men in suits. An not getting any younger man stood back on the steps such as a younger man, not plausibly middle-aged, stood on my doorstep. The swap over relating me and the younger man went something be equal with this:

Me: Ciao, may I help you?

Gentleman: Yes, we are petite out some information. (He shows me some "Irritate" magazines)

Me: So you're Jehovah's Witnesses. I'm a Christian.

Gentleman: (He shows me an Irritate magazine with oppose bills on the thin covering of it.) Plus you know what the true kismet are?

Me: All kismet are found in Christ Jesus. You don't reckon Jesus rose from the dead do you?

Gentleman: We reckon He rose and was seen on the earth for a such as and went to illusion.

Me: But you don't reckon His at all Create rose from the dead, do you?

Gentleman: (He on tenterhooks looks at his observe.) As it should be, we can't behave toward all that in 30 seconds, we'll have to sit down with you about that...You know we've been separation from maw to maw for heaps living, don't you begin to have that method God has anointed us?

Me: Doesn't mean doesn't matter what, the Catholic religion has been separation for hundreds of living and it is not of God.

Gentleman: So you frozen that the Catholic religion is not of God. I hand-me-down to be Catholic.

Me: The Catholic religion is the major cult in the world. I know that you [JWs] are vs. it. The Jehovah Witnesses is a cult too. I'm a Bible devotee. I don't long for the Watchtower or any other institute to regulation me about the things of God. I Comprehend that I have eternal life since I John says, "These things are In black and white that ye may Comprehend that ye have eternal life". The Bible has everything I long for to know and I don't long for doesn't matter what advance. I potential that your eyes life-force be opened and you'll be saved.

(Work delayed his hand, I shook it and we gave parting words)