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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

We All Meditate Whether We Know It Or Not

We All Meditate Whether We Know It Or Not
by Phil Watt

Waking Times

For years I have said "we're all philosophers whether we know it or not", yet more recently I have also come to understand that we're all meditators.

There are a few common barriers to the ongoing conscious practice of meditation in our current era. Many people have wanted to try meditation but never have, or they have tried but gave up after a relatively short time. This is due to different reasons, such as they didn't think that they were learning anything, it was too tedious and ineffective, they didn't want to invest the time required and/or they felt they didn't have the capacity to become advanced at it.

Yet meditation is just like exercise-if we want to make our bodies fit for living or our brains fit for meditation, we need to keep at it. The longer we meditate the greater we experience the physical and mental health benefits it can generate. It can also provide spiritual empowerment if we commit to it for long enough.

The ironic aspect however is that even those who have wanted to try or just given up on focused meditation still do meditate every day. How this can be described is not just by subjective experience, but through objectively measured brain frequencies. Meditation is the act of changing our brainwaves. Our standard brain operating state is around 13-30 cycles per second (Hz) which is called the beta range. It is widely understood that when we meditate we slow that brain frequency down.