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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Planetary Mission Of The Extraterrestrials With Iet Commentary

The Planetary Mission Of The Extraterrestrials With Iet Commentary
For several of us experiencers, we clasp volunteered to come award arrived this time to help kindness bring down this transition. We clasp all gone vivacity and vivacity allowing our bodies to be cast-off as a vessel to help our brothers and sisters award. Our job is to help as several of you/us as practicable. "The return of these ships at this time requests to be held, we on the eve of a flawless immeasurable transition" as Willaru Huayta writes. Yes, the ships are award. Ended are coming, we order be seeing them higher in any case, higher immediate and higher commonly. He excessively writes, "the top figure historic thing now is to detonate the consciousness in a positive form." Repentantly put, several of us experiencers were representative to live lives for several vivacity correct adoration you, our brothers and sisters and we too clasp had to move bring down this mournful and vibratory transition. We understand what you are experiencing, leaving bring down and can recede. It's why we came, to bring in the light, to jam the light and bring out YOUR light for our positive excessive series.

We are truly all turn. We came as a jot down to help you joyful your own thinness, inside beauty as coupled to Seed to allow your abrupt mournful truths to sparkle as brassy as the stars in the sky aloof.



Cuzco, PeruThe world is in a time disapproving transition decorated by a hindrance in spiritual and good quality morals. At this time it is imperative to array the real time of immeasurable ships acknowledged as UFO's. Our appeal of beings from other planets is go fast new. Throughout the ages they clasp visited mud Land-living and convinced its protest march. But modern man, seduced by his nobility in the science of three dimensional reality, believes that our Land-living is the simply mud where life and ethnicity can remain motionless. The truth is, we clasp produced for ourselves a dark world of flurry and check.At this time of transition we requirement help. Mull over the world affirm. We clasp branded that we cannot decree ourselves or others. Our destructive genus is all too observable. It is a contemplation of our constrained consciousness. Our brothers, the extraterrestrials, clasp several millions of vivacity of ethnicity much-lamented them. They clasp faculties and powers elapsed the edge of our a story. They clasp been standalone from the slavery of the ego and clasp predominant communities of reconciliation, love and sort, ruled by wisdom; communities we would scream "wonderful kingdoms".In this world each shape is his own doctor, his own priest. The physical shaft is a temple of the spirit of the Creator. It is honored that way and cast-off as a ability of joyful and truth. Including an illumined and awakened consciousness, these cloudy brothers clasp loose-fitting themselves of the manacles of protectiveness, find fault with, awake, laziness, nobility and lust.The extraterrestrials are of the Snowy Brotherhood from other planets. They remain motionless in physical form but they ceased working alongside with us 500 vivacity ago with the fall of the Incan Refinement. At that time a flawless good quality and spiritual duskiness model agilely the ethnic group of the Americas. Our wisdom keepers were killed and the new religion of greediness turn agilely the continent. The priests of science cannot see elapsed this. They cannot be knowledgeable about the multidimensional world of spirit. The ethnic group of Land-living, subjugated by the theory of arithmetical greediness and greediness, clasp pillaged and ravaged the Land-living. Including the protest march of artillery, blasted elapsed the a story, they clasp brought us to the edge of the Opening. Concerning this time of flawless duskiness on Land-living, intimacy was lost with the inter-planetary halo.In South America nearby are calm physical traces that continue show up to a time seeing that we worked alongside with our cloudy brothers from other planets. Bestow are stones with images impressed of a man honest as an astronaut and to his dart a UFO acknowledged in quetchua as "ccoyllor ch'asca" or carried by the wind star. In antiquity our forebears, the Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas standard visits from other worlds. They welcomed these giant ships which came from other planets in the handiwork. In the areas of Nazca, Sacsachuaman, MachuPicchu, Pachacamac, Huaytapallana, and Paititi in the substance of the mess, nearby were developed proud excessive civilizations. In several of these seats were conventional airports where a flawless kind of immeasurable ships complete of gold, silver and uncultivated alloys; ships mechanical by the sun and manned by light brothers.The return of these ships at this time requests to be held. We are on the eve of a flawless immeasurable transition. They are award to recede us bring down this transition session. As the pace quickens arrived the appearance few vivacity they order be making themselves acknowledged higher and higher bring down conduct intimacy with relations, each forcefully and non-physically. It is their committee to guide us strongly bring down this transition by excitement our consciousness. If this is not practicable, afterward they are award to pull up fill few who order be chosen to be the seed of the anticipated generations. These ethnic group order be chosen according to the part of the love heated from their aura.Our forebears developed extraordinary psychic faculties which representative them to be in freshen with the flawless mysteries of genus. They did their arithmetical investigations in a conscious manner; that is to say, they stimulated in top quality body in their explorations. Bestow is keep a note of this in the Incan temples in Peru which were produced with megalithic stones cut with lunar sunlight by fill with an awakened consciousness who had pedantic to exercise and wear natural martial. In 1750 the Inca, Shora Atahuaallpa warned the militia of the Sun: "When kindness loses its association to the natural martial, it order entwine higher war and order become lost in duskiness".Peak leaders of biased and convivial aerobics embrace to clasp sort, gaiety and release as their persuade. But too habitually they air for it in war, hostility, and wonder, and by creating disgrace and competition. This chastely doesn't work. We simply clasp to air at history to understand this. We are private a new era. It is time for a new way. We cannot see delegation to go until we go ourselves - from within. The duskiness of our world; the wars and muddiness, is simply a contemplation of our original lives of duskiness and mental, physical and spiritual muddiness. Our true opponent, as well as our true extremely of severity, lie within. When quite of us clasp beaten that opponent afterward the distant world order go. When this happens nearby order be no requirement for biased parties of the passed on or right; nearby order no requirement for governments at the same time as each nationwide order know how to decree himself.In the beginning of this fifth excessive day of the week nearby were angels and archangels coming from other planets. They assisted in establishing the new excessive era which was produced by fill that survived the carry on, fourth, cataclysm in which Atlantis sank featuring in the piqued waters of the oceanic. That continent with its millions of realm went featuring in the burrow with all of its advanced technologies. That time kindness was excessively warned, but they would not rut. Minimally a few with awakened consciousness were evacuated and returned to Land-living once upon a time 6 or 7 vivacity to become the seeds of this pose era. At that time, once upon a time the flawless immeasurable cataclysm, seeing that the Land-living was calm jolt and rob its new form, the open-minded ones were returned to seats adoration Assemble Titicaca and other sacred lakes of the Land-living to begin the formation of new kindness. From these sacred lakes each double act went a mysterious government with the committee of organization a new excessive culture in reconciliation with genus and the Creator.Now, in the 20th century, several dignified ethnic group in South America clasp beaten immeasurable space, visited other worlds, and clasp brought knowledge back to fascination kindness. They be foremost short the condition of space ships. Guaranteed Indians in the Andes travel to icy planets and learn extensively about the handiwork for instance official science calm investigates the offhand level of the secular edge. Investigations in three-dimensional reality are constantly undecided.Whichever shape is a Unbreakable Summit. The altar of that temple is the substance. The fire of love, a contemplation of the excellent light, burns upon this altar. This light within poverty be recognized, cared for, and well-regarded. This is the religion of the Sons of the Sun. It is the dreadfully religion of the extraterrestials; the conventional, immeasurable, excessive religion. This conventional community is our sacred relatives from other planets. We are all united and working favorably for the Bony.They are plus us now. In the streets of our cities nearby are sooner than people from other worlds. They are award as messengers of the Bony to accomplish their committee on the mud Land-living. Numerous immeasurable ships come to the Amazon mess in South America where nearby are secret airports. Guaranteed of these brothers sometimes be present with us. They are volunteers who clasp come to work with us arrived this time of transition.We poverty heal ourselves for we are sick: psychologically and spiritually. Our divine consciousness is trapped; locked up by our ego. We poverty rescue our embodiment to be authoritative to spread. This is the excitement of a new era. Citizenship is no longer historic, nor soar, nor ethnic group, nor convivial class, nor religions. We are flowers of several colors in the Land-living garden. Whatsoever truth is one. The top figure historic thing now is to detonate the consciousness in a positive form.The ascended masters clasp returned to bring together the consciousness of the children of Land-living bring down their messages of unity, reconciliation and love for this new excessive era.We thank the masters of the Snowy Brotherhood for guiding us and facilitating the correspondence with other worlds in this slay to all seekers of the Bony.Willaru Huayta is an Incan Ghostly Minion from Cusco, Peru. Uneducated a Quechua Indian, he pedantic to undergo esoteric truth arrived his spiritual quests in the Amazon jungles. A few vivacity ago he was asked to travel to the big municipal, Cusco, as a Chasqui (entrant) for the Spot on Snowy Brotherhood with messages pertaining to the transitional epoch in which we live.

Thank you Gabriel

Rag Seed