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Sunday, 9 June 2013

General Questions About Wicca And Magick What Symbol Do You Wear

General Questions About Wicca And Magick What Symbol Do You Wear
Request it clich'e but I confine forever been exhausted to the pentagram. So I wear a silver pentacle something like my neck and sometimes use it for dowsing, as an assistive tool for tarot forecast.


This is a picture of me strenuous the silver pentacle. I wear it all the time, even in the function of I coma. And I secure the silver aids in lithe me strong thoughts.

Unconventional symbol I wear is the Ankh. I wear it as a wristlet on my projective hand to embody my choose to direct their beliefs appearing in my life. I am really fascinated by Egyptian religion and in recent times studying it. The same as the Ankh is traditionally second hand as a symbol here and there in regular Egyptian texts across centuries, I thought: "Equally superior way to prize Egyptian belief than wear a symbol they respected?" Impossible to tell apart my pentacle, it is also finished of silver. Not really fond of gold or the Sun.


I second hand to confine a silver pentacle ring on my thumb. I put it on my thumb so in palmistry, it represents a person's stature and I confine forever seen witchcraft and the occult as part of me. It had an impression of my name. Unfortunately, I lost it in the function of I was stationary a concern learner and set it pronounce (so strenuous of jewelry is not allowed on duty). I am stationary looking for a way to win a new one so the shop I bought it from closed

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