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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Heavenly Baby Names From The Greek Gods

Heavenly Baby Names From The Greek Gods
Are you considering a wonderful name for that new little baby boy or baby girl? If so, then let us look at some heavenly baby names from the Greek Gods.

These beautiful baby names and their meanings would be a treasured gift for a beloved child.

Here are a few of these best baby names.


ARIADNE - (Greek) meaning "Very Pure." Ariadne, daughter of the sun god, was the goddess of spring. Legend has it that Ariadne helped save the life of Theseus, King of Athens. She unwound a ball of string to show him the way out of the Minotaur's labyrinth and reach safety. Ariadne is also known as "Ariana," or "Arianna."

DAPHNE - (Greek) meaning "Laurel Tree." In legend, Daphne was a maiden who, while fleeing Apollo's advances, turned into a laurel tree. Apollo was so saddened by this that he made a laurel wreath from her branches and wore it on his head as his symbol. The laurel wreath remains a symbol of the highest honor bestowed on man.

HELEN - (Greek from the name of the Greek sun god, "Helios") meaning "Light." According to legend, Helen was so beautiful that word of her beauty spread from land to land. Finally, Paris, son of the King of Troy, abducted Helen and this act started the Trojan War.

PENELOPE - (Greek) meaning "The Weaver." Penelope has come to mean "One Who is Faithful." Legend has it that while Ulysses, her husband, travelled, she kept suitors away by vowing to first finish her weaving. However, every night, she undid the woven piece and started anew in the morning. This beautiful name remained mildly popular until mid 20th Century. Today, it is rather rare.

DORIS - (Greek) meaning "Of the Sea." In mythology, Doris was a sea goddess. She was also mother of the sea nymphs, or "nereids," and had great influence on the gods and goddesses. In the late 19th Century, "Doris" burst upon the scene with great popularity. The name remained high on the charts throughout the 20th Century.


DAMON -(Greek) meaning "One Who Tames." However, over the years, "Damon" has come to mean "Loyal Friend." This last designation is due to the amazing tale of Damon and Pythias, who were the best of friends. As the story goes, Damon offered his own life to save that of Pythias. Damon is also known as "Damian."

JASON - (Greek) meaning "The Healer." This great hero of Greek mythology set out on his quest for the Golden Fleece. The King of Colchis had placed this Golden Fleece in a grove that was guarded by a dragon. But the brave Jason with his warriors, the agronauts, set sail and captured the Golden Fleece.

ORION - (Greek) meaning "Light." According to legend, Orion was a handsome young hunter. When he was killed, the goddess who loved him placed him in the sky among the stars. As a constellation, he is pictured on charts as a hunter with a belt and a sword.

HECTOR - (Greek) meaning "Holding Fast." Legend tells us that Hector was an outstanding hero of the Trojan War. In the midst of frenzied fighting, Hector was slain by Achilles. Hector was a beloved figure and was greatly mourned. He remains an enduring hero.

HERCULES - (Greek) meaning "Glory of Hera." This fabled Greek hero was known for his amazing strength. Hera, Queen of the Gods, forced Hercules to perform 12 seemingly impossible feats of strength. With steely determination, Hercules perform them all.

Perhaps these heavenly baby names from the Greek Gods will help you choose your own beautiful baby name.

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