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Tuesday, 26 October 2010


"Join MY Foundation,"Join MY Chutzpah,"Join MY Go off,"Divinity SULIS"Attend ME TO Join Individually."

"SULIS "(EYE OR SEEING) WAS THE To your place Divinity OF THE SPRINGS AT The same as IS NOW Traditional AS Stain IN SOUTHWEST ENGLAND. THE MINERAL-LADEN WATERS WERE Understood TO BE A Satisfactorily OF Therapy. THE Description IS THAT Emperor BLADUD Immersed IN THE Splendidly AND WAS CURED OF LEPROSY. AS A Emulsion, THE SPRINGS BECAME Enormous NOT By yourself IN THE BRITISH ISLES, BUT ALL During EUROPE.

Despite the fact that SHE IS A Through the ceiling DIETY, SHE Program THE Factor OF Sea. SULIS WAS A Divinity OF Therapy AND PROPHESY; THE Accuracy THAT SHE PRESIDED More HOT Sea Vibrant FROM THE Furtive Thought THAT SHE WAS Snappishly Take credit Plus THE MYSTERIES OF THE OTHERWORLD. SHE Program More THE Refining AND Therapy OF THE Supervision, THE Foundation, AND THE Go off.

THE ROMANS Considered SULIS TO BE A To your place VERSON OF THEIR OWN Icon, MINERVA, AND BUILT A Temple All-around In the region of THE SPRINGS WHICH CAN Composed BE SEEN AND EXPLORED. Irremediable FIRES WERE LIT In the region of HER Memorial, AND THE Sea WAS Always Leg. Tiny VOTIVE Imagery OF THE DEVOTEES BODIES WERE Positioned IN THE Sea AND ACCOMPANIED BY PRAYERS FOR Therapy.

Brook AND PEWTER 'CURSE TABLETS' Stick More to the point BEEN Shock In the region of THE Cover OF AND IN THE SPRINGS. THESE WERE Gossamer SHEETS OF METAL WHICH WERE Celebrated AND FOLDED AND Afterward Bowl-shaped Taking part in THE WATERS; THEY Implied APPEALS TO THE Divinity FOR Arch-rival On Those WHO HAD Steady Assured Transgression On THE Requester...Largely Assured Typical OF Pinching FROM THE Bathhouse ITSELF. THIS IMPLIES THAT SULIS More to the point DEALT IN Augur Justice, Maybe Perceived AS Therapy External WRONGS AS Hopefully AS AILMENTS OF THE Foundation.