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Monday, 6 May 2013

Part 24 The Sodomite Gateway For The Love Of Chocolate

Part 24 The Sodomite Gateway For The Love Of Chocolate
At the close of the previous post I presented an image from a fashion photo shoot as an illustration of the meaning of the triangle eye. Those responsible for the shoot obviously know their symbols. I was curious what other beans might have been spilled during that shoot, so I traced the image to this site, Siwy uncovers their 2011-2012 Holiday Lookbook. I found a scene exposing the heart-as-vulva metaphor, the Valentine. We'll find a hidden ritual sodomy reference here too.

I've presented this descriptive collection in previous posts to dramatically illustrate the meaning of the heart and arrow symbols, which are sexual, anatomical. The leveraging of this symbolism is usually in a context of alien sex, basically, a union with Horus, and often in the context of ritual abuse. Look for other cues that signal the context.

Images used by pedophiles to express their preference for little girls leverage the same heart shape metaphor, as presented in the unclassified FBI Intelligence Bulletin, referenced in the previous post to illustrate their leveraging of the anal triangle symbol.

In the Holiday Lookbook shoot, the model's posture reveals two things. First, of course, the obvious, with her spread legs, but then what's not so obvious is her crossed arms. Besides serving to frame and feature the obvious signal, is she telling us she has a secret, like as with crossed keys? If you don't know about the big secret you may need to reread the previous post. The big vulv-uh - heart should be familiar to those of you who may have celebrated Valentine's Day with a traditional gift. You can see it's a shallow heart-shaped box with silver sides. With a bouquet of roses on top, another traditional gift on Valentines day, the identification is pretty clear - it's a giant box of assorted chocolates.

The anatomical interpretation of the heart symbol is plain enough, especially with the bouquet of pink roses placed to represent the clitoris. Now think about the symbol of the rose. What is under the rose, sub-rosa, but a secret? The crossed arms and the rose both direct us to the secret. What is sub-rosa but the chocolate, hidden inside the box. What is under the secret of the crossed arms but what the model is sitting on. In this scene, the chocolate box, bright white and stark in contrast to the rest of the image, appears behind the model's head as a halo of light. She is illuminated by ritual sodomy, the so-called Key of David. Now you know her secret.

When I was young, the Fanny Farmer brand was popular on Valentines Day, a brand local to Rochester, NY. In slang, the word "fanny" means "buttocks". Right. Just what they were farming appears to me now to be a crop of sodomites. Coming from the region devoted to Hermes, that just seems so appropriate. So wrong, but appropriate.

What this scene says to me is that she has had Beta sex kitten programming, which is usually pictured by dressing models in feline prints. The compartments of the bookshelves represent the many alters of a Monarch multiple, isolated and compartmentalized.

In the scene where she appears on the trunk, you can see a parasol or umbrella peeking subtly into the shot. The umbrella references a standard programming system associated with military programming. It locks and unlocks a Delta assassin or Delta-Beta alter. (The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave By Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler) The model poses with her one leg angled up to form an arrowhead with her knees as the point, the phallus symbol. Ritual sodomy was used by Alexander the Great and Hitler to program their deadly soldiers. She can be a sex kitten or a deadly assassin, and both.

Could it really be that we have been programmed and mind controlled by the workers of iniquity, like the Bible tells us? What other conclusion could be drawn? Yet, the Lord is pouring out His favor upon us in these last days and setting us free to serve Him in truth with a love that endures. Right on time!

Another traditional Valentine's Day gift is longerie. This set of images comes from a site that sells virtual longerie, for the online world of Second Life. Casa Del Shai - Dessert with the Marquise? Those responsible for this know things, drawing from the wellspring of unholy spirit as they also sell voodoo dolls that look like the characters in the movie simply titled "9."

This is about the Marquise line, as in Marquis de Sade, that legendary character from whose name comes the very word, sadist. Think abuse, trauma. Notice the progression of the line; forest, chocolate, plum. The image for Plum depicts the illumination of the third eye through the purple portal. This follows the Chocolate, where we see the virtual model's bottom in the backside view. Sadistic Satanic ritual including sodomy is often performed in the forest, in a secluded outdoor setting during pagan SRA holidays. Marquise Forest to Marquise Chocolate to Marquise Plum. Uh-huh.

I recently watched Chocolat (2000), starring Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp. There was plenty of sodomite gateway signaling with Mayan pharmakeia enchantment. The town was enlightened, even the not-quite-catholic "christian" opposition. Mystery Babylon, the mother of Harlots. She seems to like chocolate, at least loving the metaphor.

The next image is an ad promoting the Mars, Incorporated chocolate bar, Snickers, usually one of the top two selling candy bars in the world. Purple underwear. Postures suggestive of sodomy. Boxing gloves suggest the use of force to beat the victim into submission.

Don't you think the illuminated programmers are LOL and ROTF with their Snickers?

There's a Snickers ad running in the UK. [video] Joan Collins float:right;" alt=" />Update: Just after I posted this, my buddy Aaron emailed this image to me with the following message.

"I just read the latest post, and found this image that only goes to speak volumes in support of what you already wrote. Flashing the butt....the kitten print guitar on the shelf....and the name of the jeans? "Horoscope Denim Wash"....Horoscope, that deals with stars, right? Is it me, or does it look like the area of the jeans that is "washed" is that area of the buttocks?"

Thanks Aaron! The guitar is the right symbol to be signaling the Beta program. The instrument is sometimes referred to as a woman because of the shape resembling the female form. The "hips" of the feline print wearing "woman" is the featured part.