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Saturday, 11 May 2013

What Is A Psychic

What Is A Psychic
Psychic is a person who has extraordinary sensory perception or more commonly known as extrasensory perception (ESP). A psychic is able to pick up certain events that have occurred in a persons life or that will happen in the future. Certain psychic have the ability to feel what other people are feeling and in some cases describe certain physical and emotional pain, these are called empath. Psychic range and ability varies from psychic to psychic. All psychics are not created equal. Certain psychic or mediums are able to communicate with the spirit world and receive messages. These spiritual messages come in different forms. Some mediums receive names, colors, smell, taste, sound, faces and shapes to name a few.

Spiritual tools that are used during a psychic reading varies from psychic to psychic. Some psychics don't need any tools at all. Other spiritualist need tarot cards, crystals or runes to names a few. The most famous tool used in a spiritual reading is tarot cards. These psychic tools are used to ascertain information from the past, present or future about the individual person seeking spiritual advise.

Psychic ability can be reached by everyone. Everyone can "tune in" into there sixth sense and receive certain information about certain situations. At times this information doesn't make sense but with time the information becomes clear. Everyone has had a psychic experience in their life. Some people but it off as an anomaly others call it d'ej`a vu, call it what you might but it is a psychic experience.

Psychics are born with this special gift other develop it with time and some receive the special gift sometime later in life. Psychic born with this ability at time don't know why they were given this very powerful special gift but with time they come to the realization why they have this gift. Some have this special spiritual gift but do not make use of it to help themselves, others, friends or loved ones. Psychic medium are not forced to do anything with their gift. Some chose to help the world at large to become a better place with their God given gift.

Psychics or mediums are found in every corner of the world. Different cultures embrace them differently. Some societies like in Africa accept them and are sought after for advise and to resolve family or village disputes. In some western and eastern societies many people seek psychics or mediums for some sort of advise on love, a lucky marriage date, career, school, life path, family, relationship, deceased loved one and medical issues to name a few.